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Stay Healthy with Health Tea

By Karen Pomerance and Louise Caplin – Spice-Way UK

In collaboration with Avi Zittershpiler, Herbalist and Owner of The Spice Way - Herb&Spice farm Israel 

What does it mean to make a cup of tea? 
Water has the ability to disperse substances that are in plants, and this process has been used throughout history in bringing out the flavour and scent to make hot and cold drinks.

Substances that pass from the plants into the water have taste, aroma and many health benefits. These benefits are acquired thanks to plants' miraculous ability to act as a sophisticated laboratory to produce its own therapeutic materials. When these substances enter our bodies, they have a proven ability to help and cure us as well - both in balancing the body’s deficits and in preventing and treating diseases. Therefore it is possible for us to combine health with pleasure as part of our everyday routine.
Until recently people used to drink mostly black or green tea, nowadays the tea culture has developed into many different directions and we can find numerous plants and parts of plants that are used in the tea making process.
As a matter of fact, we can definitely say that the simple act of  "making a cup of tea" has turned in to "preparing an infusion".  We know that one of the main advantages our Spice Way Fruit Infusions offer is that by eating the fruit, rather than simply drinking  the diluted water in a herbal tea,  you are adding extra health benefits to your body, and so, your way of life.

Why are plants so healthy?
As we said, the plant is a sophisticated laboratory producing materials that assist it to synergize with nature and solve medical problems. 

Take for instance, Spice Way's Divine Diet Infusion. This drink contains substances created by a plant called
 Garcinia Cambogia. The plant is grown in East Asia, mostly in Thailand and has a fruit that looks like an orange.  
The fruit’s peel is removed a few weeks before ripening, at which time substances that lower appetite are present in the skin.
These substances can help us to regulate our eating, delay the onset of hunger, and in time, may generate a more efficient metabolism where body fat is turned into energy, rather than fat.  Moreover, this plant can also slow down the development of sclerotic plaque, thus preventing hardening of the arteries
It also contains Rose Hip peel full of vitamin C that strengthens our body and our immune system during a state of intense and ongoing weight loss. An additional aid to weight loss is gained in this infusion by grapefruit peel rich in dissolvable fibers. The infusion's beautiful red color is obtained by the plant Hibiscus known for its good influence on blood sugar levels and also which is high in Vitamin C.

Posh Pomelo and Melon Infusion consists of cut dried fruit : pineapple, the outer green part of the pomelo skin, the inner white part of the pomelo peel, papaya and two types of melon. This fruit was dried using a natural method with no artificial preservatives. 
Posh Pomelo infusion is also an ideal dessert, especially at the end of a meal. The mixture of fruit, improves digestion and enriches the body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.  In the dried fruit there are dissolvable fibres that have a good influence on the regulation of absorbing these fibres into the intestine, balancing acidity and the absorbtion of sugar.  Moreover, two enzymes in this infusion assist in the digestion of proteins thus making it excellent after eating meat.  One is Bromalin,  present in pineapple, and the other is Papain present in papaya, both these react and produce Pepsin which aids the digestion of meat and absorption of proteins improves significantly. 
Gorgeous Ginger infusion contains: dried ginger, dried apple, pineapple and pear all rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibres. Ginger has many beneficial properties, which when entering  the body improve a number of processes. Such as – boosting the body’s metabolism thus aiding weight loss, treatment of infections in the respiratory system, digestion system, urine and kidneys.  In addition, it assists in reducing nausea – therefore this infusion is recommended for pregnant women during the first trimester. 
By regularly consuming Gorgeous Ginger, it’s accumulative benefits will become greater. Therefore it's recommended to integrate this infusion into your regular diet. Like our other fruit infusions its natural sweetness saves the need to add sugar. Drinking this infusion between meals helps stave off hunger.
Calm Chai is a rich combination of plants that have warming qualities. What do we mean by warming plants ? They are plants that make the body widen its blood vessels and this means that absorption of nutrients from food is more efficient in the digestive system. 
These plants also have an ability which stimulates disinfection , helps calm the stomach and reduce gas and swelling. A few words now on each of the components of this very special infusion.
Anise stars and seeds contain a substance called Anethole which relaxes the muscles in the intestines wall and disinfects them;       
Cinnamon decreases blood sugar levels as part of  a healthy diet regime  because of its ability to pass the sugar from the blood to body cells, thus charging it with energy.
Hulinjan and Galangal are roots which specialize in the treatment of inflammation of the digestive system, reducing gas and helps relieve the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 
Black tea and black pepper contain alkaloids that act a little like caffeine to invigorate the sympathetic nervous system. This property enables you to keep awake throughout a meal and after it, without suffering the drowsiness caused by an active digestive system. Good for boring family meals !!!
Nutmeg, cardamom and cloves are also good for expansion of blood vessels in the intestine and disinfection.
The  effect of ginger root  is similar to that of  hulinjan and galangal (they come from the same family), but is also helps to further boost  the effect of this wonderful infusion.
Funky Fruits of the Forest  is comprised of 4 plants with huge vitamin C content  – rose hip, hibiscus, cranberriesand blackberries. These fruits have a positive effect on collagen tissue, protection of artery walls and they help to  keep blood vessels intact,  also helping  to possibly reduce some symptoms of osteoporosis.  Papaya and pineapple  are also a part of this infusion and, as mentioned above, contain protein dismantling enzymes. The primary benefit of this infusion is in strengthening the immune system but also in supporting  the blood vessels and heart.

Amazing Apple is based on dried apple cubes along with ginger, cardamom, cranberries, pineapple and papaya, cinnamon and almonds are also used to add spice to this infusion. The  main nutritional values of fibres, proteins dismantling enzymes,and vitamin C help in digestion, strengthening  the immune system and fighting colds. If you add alcohol it's the perfect healthy addition to any occasion!

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